I just crashed 9.0.1. stable with the first recursion error I  had in a
long time.

I was playing with to "blinking" animation.


send "blinkStart true" to me in 500 milliseconds

crashed the IDE.

Now I have this, but color doesn't change.

Anyone have a efficient recipe to "blink" any control? 

In this case I changed to backgroundcolor property, but it could be any
property you want to turn off and on again until user takes action

*command*blinkStart pBool

# sent "true" when card opens;

# send "false" when user clicks it

*    if* pBool istrue*then*

*        repeat* 10times

*            if* pBool is"false"*then* *exit* *repeat*

*                set*thebackgroundcolorofgrc"start"to"158,58,77"

*                wait*1secondswithmessages

*                set*thebackgroundcolorofgrc"start"to"220,220,220"

*        end* *repeat*

*end* *if*

*    set*thebackgroundcolorofgrc"start"to"220,220,220"


# to color does not change.

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