BaseClock is a new widget that displays by special "digits" the
time encoded to a number base in range 2-60.
Encoded is each of the time items (hours, minutes, seconds).
For base 2 this is known as "Binary encoded decimals".

The display is unique (I invented that) as it doesn't use
characters for digits  > 9 but decimal "columns". This is very
easy to read and (manually) to write.

Download the widget from "Sample Stacks" or from 

The sample stack contains an installer and displays 17 clocks
to different number bases. One display cycle for a seconds display
is done by each widget in < 3 millisecs (compute and paint).

This stack shows an essential improvement of LCB 9 over LCB 8:
The clocks are much more "in sync" than in LC 8.
And it has a substack that is prepared for displaying a baseClock
"window shaped".

There are 16 options for the display, see the dictionary or open
the property inspector.

Some properties of the widget are triggered by the timer, which is
(as all timers) stopped in the property inspector. So you may see
the changes not before going back to browse mode.

The widget is free for non-commercial use and has the source code
included. For commercial use please give a (small) fee to the LC
developer help fund.

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