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A lot of pain can be avoided, and more responsive interfaces achieved, by using data grids ONLY when necessary.

Sometimes they are necessary...but usually not.

True. In this case, I need a table view of a bunch of data. The columns must be sortable and resizable (a datagrid does this for me) and the textual content of the cells must wrap (so that rules out a single field object set as a table field) and at least 1 column may contain text (wrapped in the columns field) or an image orĀ  even html text with embedded images. Thus the only existing LiveCode widget or object that does this is a Datagrid.

I really do wish someone would deliver a really reliable table object for LiveCode that supported an htmlText property for each cell and each cell could be wrapped or not that also handled sorting and resizing, including auto-sizing column widths and row heights to fit the content!

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