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I have a a few customers reporting the error below, and yet, none of
them have provided information on what exactly they were doing that
resulted in the error below. I have no recipe to reproduce it. These are
just busy researchers who just don't have the time nor technical
know-how to spend any time troubleshooting. I am hoping someone on this
list with detailed knowledge of the inner working of the Datagrid might
be able to suggest what might be causing the error based on the
ExcutionContexts (below)

Which version of LiveCode was the app built with? The error contains line
numbers and it is important to look at the exact version of the Data Grid
library you are using in order to determine the code that triggered the

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for chiming in. I am sorry to say that this is a very old app, built under LiveCode 6.7.11. We are readying a new version built under LC9.0.1, but without a recipe for the error, I have no way of testing whether the new engine (and newer Datagrid) fixes this issue. I was hoping the executionCotexts might provide some insight as to a suggested recipe to reproduce the error.

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