Always interest in improving (often terrifying beginning) my architecture, 
having read Andre's book on MVC.  It comes to mind that we could use a standard 
structure, like  

1) Card or Group
2) Assigned in a unique view e.g. "behavior_viewHomeStory"
        * handles the controls on the card and group
3) Assigned to that a Parent Behavios (nested)  general model e.g. 
          * handles getting quotes from database; XML/JSON from servers, 

and it this case

--any "style" sheet assigned to the "stories" with should be used everywhere -- 
might consider a "view" component, but the style "brief" should be followed 
(mostly) everywhere app.. for things like quotes, pull Quote, headline, type 
faces.. it seems to be a "model" ... which could be over ridden with handlers  
in the view script #2, as needed 
# 3 can to generalized and used everywhere.

Anyone doing "Levure"? How does Levure handle this?


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