Find/Replace works great. I've done it a few times, so long as the thing you 
are finding has a unique name that cannot be a part of any other bit of code, 
you should be fine. Backup your stack of course before doing something so 

A while ago, the LC dev team optimized the search engine so that it is orders 
of magnitude faster. 

Bob S

> On Dec 30, 2018, at 11:57 , Andre Alves Garzia via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> Malte,
> So happy that you're back here my friend. I too spent some time away.
> So, refactoring and constantly trying to erase mistakes of my past coding 
> self are a constant here. I wish we had better refactoring tools so that we 
> could rename a handler and all code that called that handler was fixed, or 
> stuff such as rename variable...
> Cheers
> andre

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