Simon Knight wrote:

> This thread seems to have diverted away from Malte’s original post.

Somewhat. His post from Dec 30 listed three issues:

-  IDE spams a lot of IDE only messages when creating many objects by
   script -> remedy: Lock messages
Locking messages is a good habit for any context in which system messages are not needed.

-  Nested Lock screens are a big "NO-NO“ nowadays
As Mark Waddingham noted, with hi-res displays there is now more impact from rendering; 4x more pixels to push.

-  Array operations on larger data sets still slower than they were
Already in progress - see:

All three issues which began this thread are resolved.

The rest was in reply to his open-ended question at the bottom of that post:

   Did anybody of you happen to refactor old code and if so,
   do you have any observations you might want to share?

> For Malte and others I have found that the revBrowser control is
> slower to render PDFs and may insert unwanted menus and button
> thanks to Adobe in version 9.02.
> See

I didn't see Malte's mention of PDF in the post that began this thread, but topic drift is a natural part of conversation so no worries.

Interesting circumstance in your report. Lots of moving parts there, with LC relying on the browser component which in turn relies on Adobe components (and FWIW I share your opinion on Adobe <g>).

Looks like you've made some good progress there. How can the readers of this list help?

> One question why does this thread refer to RQCC ?

Old habits. The bug database used to be called the "Revolution Quality Control Center", and the acronym is forever stuck in my typing fingers.

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