> It's a bit confusing, since the Target Version shown there is 7,
> but it was submitted just a few months ago, many years after v7
> was EOL'd.

As you can see (in the message you replied to) I inquired back then, and was advised officially then. BTW, that's a bit like the concrete info and explanations that were here all the time and it turns out you admittedly saw, interacted with, and evaluated - all, as you say yourself, very recently. I almost want to blush for you. :)

> As hodge podge of what appear to be very different optimization
> opportunities under the hood, it may be difficult for the team to
> take action on it/them, and impossible to track. [... ... ...]

Priceless drama! Kittens and puppies massacred all over town, no doubt, from my being alert enough to notice the problem when others did not, and reporting some excellent test cases to prove that more areas were affected than originally assumed. I file many pinpointed bugs, as you know well from your CCs over the years. I'm sure a cluster of narrowed examples would be nice for this performance issue too, nothing against it, but who knows yet precisely how many or how few areas and individual causes? Overlaps? Moot point, because I didn't have time for a cluster of reports. Nor magical space/time control and travel to organize and fit the problem to a separately-evolving set of solution/improvement efforts (which I'm very hopeful about) that started with arrays.

I received good feedback about the test stack and the video; there was enough time to create and maintain one test stack, and it needed to look good and perform the video competition too. LC has a somewhat messy set of performance issues, not of my own making, and reporting it on my own time and expense had to be realistic and finite. Some people might not have any real limitations on free time, anything goes, but others know.

I have beaten the odds as one of most prolific consultants and addon developers despite extensive handicaps that take up considerable daily time and energy themselves. It doesn't just happen that way by itself; the system that makes it possible doesn't involve repeating, redoing, and restating every single darn thing the livelong day. Precisely the opposite; efficiency is key and it will never let you down if you apply it consistently and strictly! Take care.

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