Hi all,

Thanks for your responses.

The version is Cassandra 4.1.3

After I restarted all the nodes one-by-one cassandra created corrected-id 
folder and keep the incorrect one as you said.

But then I cannot see the data from cqlsh it gives me no result. After i have 
imported the data from incorrect-id-folder i see the data

nodetool import keyspace_name table_name /full_path_of_old(incorrect)_folder.

now my questions are like:

First question; before i have restarted the nodes how can i search the data 
although there is a mismatch between system_schema.tables and actual 
directories in all nodes.

Second one; is nodetool import a safe way to load data from incorrect folder on 
a write heavy system. Because I cannot be sure if I miss any data during the 
import operation. Or do i need to run a repair for those tables instead of 
import? In my opinion that may not work because i cannot see any data before 
nodetool import.

Thanks again.

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Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2024 1:17:11 PM
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Subject: COMMERCIAL:Re: system_schema.tables id and table uuid on disk mismatch

It sounds like you have done some concurrent table creation/deletion in the 
past (e.g. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS from multiple clients), which resulted in 
this mismatch. After you restarted the node, Cassandra corrected it by 
discarding the old table ID and any data associated with it. This is the 
expected behaviour. This issue has already been fixed, and you can safely 
delete the data directory with the incorrect table ID as it is no longer used 
by Cassandra. You should now run a full repair on this node to ensure it has 
all the data it owns. If you are absolutely certain that the table with 
different IDs have identical schema, and the gc_grace_seconds hasn't past, you 
may move the data from the wrong data directory to the correct data directory, 
and then restart the node or run "nodetool refresh <keyspace> <table>" on the 
node before running the full repair, this may save you some streaming time. 
However, if the table schema is different, this may cause a havoc.

On 18/01/2024 05:21, ENES ATABERK wrote:

Hi all,

we have detected that table-uuid in linux file directory is different from 
system_schema.tables id.

I have executed nodetool describe cluster and see only one schema version in 
the cluster.

How we can fix this issue do anyone has any idea? Restarting the nodes only 
create a new empty directory with name system_schema.tables id directory but in 
this case i have two directories old one has sstables with incorrect uuid new 
one has correct uuid but empty.

thanks in advance


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