> That's a feature we need to implement in Reaper. I think disallowing the 
> start of the new incremental repair would be easier to manage than pausing 
> the full repair that's already running. It's also what I think I'd expect as 
> a user.
> I'll create an issue to track this.

Thank you, Alexander, that’s great!

I was considering the other approach (pausing the full repair in order to be 
able to start the incremental repair) because this is what I have been doing 
manually in the past few days. Due to full repairs taking a lot of time for us 
(see my other e-mail), I didn’t want too much unrepaired data too accumulate 
over time.

However, I guess that this is a niche use case, and in most cases inhibiting 
the incremental repair is the correct and expected approach, so I wouldn’t 
expect such a feature in Cassandra Reaper.

For our use case, I am considering abandoning the scheduling feature of Reaper 
and instead writing a simple script that schedules repairs through Reaper’s 
API. This will also give us an easier way of staggering different repair jobs 
instead of having to rely on choosing the start time correctly in order to get 
the desired effect. Doing all this in a custom script is probably much, much 
easier than trying to implement it as a generic, user-configurable feature in 

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