Hey C* folks,

I'm excited to share that the DataStax team has just released Mission
Control <https://datastax.com/products/mission-control>, a new operations
platform for running Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. Built around
the open source core of K8ssandra <https://k8ssandra.io/> we've been hard
at work expanding multi-region capabilities. If you haven't seen some of
the new features coming in here are some highlights:


   Management API support in Reaper - no more JMX credentials, YAY

   Additional support for TLS across the stack- including operator to node,
   Reaper to management API, etc

   Updated metrics pipeline - removal of collectd from nodes, Vector for
   monitoring log files (goodbye tail -f)

   Deterministic node selection for cluster operations

   Top-level management tasks in the control plane (no more forced
   connections to data planes to trigger a restart)

On top of this Mission Control offers:


   A single web-interface to monitor and manage your clusters wherever
   they're deployed

   Automatic management of internode and operator to node certificates -
   this includes integration with third party CAs and rotation of all
   certificates, keys, and various Java stores

   Centralized metrics and logs aggregation, querying and storage with the
   capability to split the pipeline allowing for exporting of streams to other
   observability tools within your environment

   Per-node configuration (this is an edge case, but still something we
   wanted to make possible)

While building our Mission Control, K8ssandra has seen a number of releases
with quite a few contributions from the community. From Helm chart updates
to operator tweaks we want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has
filed issues, opened pull requests, and helped us test bugfixes and new

If you've been sleeping on K8ssandra, now is a good time to check it out
<https://k8ssandra.io/get-started/>. It has all of the pieces needed to run
Cassandra in production. Looking for something out of the box instead of
putting the pieces together yourself, take Mission Control for a spin and sign
up for the trial <https://datastax.com/products/mission-control/download>.
I'm happy to answer any K8ssandra or Mission Control questions you may have
here or on our Discord <https://discord.gg/qP5tAt6Uwt>.



Christopher Bradford

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