We've used these settings in production with no issues.

What has been more valuable to us though is limiting the rate of client
connections via iptables. Often times users configure an aggressive
reconnection policy that floods the cluster with connections in certain
circumstances like a node restart or a network glitch.

Are you sure it's the number of connections causing problems or is it the
rate of connections being made? I've seen nodes handle over 40k

On Thu, Feb 29, 2024, 4:51 AM Naman kaushik <namankaush...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Cassandra Community,
> We've been experiencing occasional spikes in the number of client
> connections to our Cassandra cluster, particularly during high-volume API
> request periods. We're using persistent connections, and we've noticed that
> the number of connections can increase significantly during these spikes.
> We're considering using the following Cassandra parameters to manage
> concurrent client connections:
> *native_transport_max_concurrent_connections*: This parameter sets the
> maximum number of concurrent client connections allowed by the native
> transport protocol. Currently, it's set to -1, indicating no limit.
> *native_transport_max_concurrent_connections_per_ip*: This parameter sets
> the maximum number of concurrent client connections allowed per source IP
> address. Like the previous parameter, it's also set to -1.
> We're thinking of using these parameters to limit the maximum number of
> connections from a single IP address, especially to prevent overwhelming
> the database during spikes in API requests that should be handled by our
> SOA team exclusively.
> Are these parameters suitable for production use, and would implementing
> restrictions on concurrent connections per IP be considered a good practice
> in managing Cassandra clusters?
> Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you!
> Naman

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