Hi Alvaro,

Alvaro wrote:

> Thanks for the quick response!
> So the way to "disable" the Reflection converters is:
> 1 - Register a High priority converter for the beans you are expecting in
> your application

Standard priority is already fine.

> 2 - Register a catch-all converter with higher priority than the
> reflection ones that will throw an exception

Higher or same priority. Actually it applies to ReflectionConverter (lowest 
prio) and SerializableConverter (low prio).

> Is that correct?


> If so, I think this can also been done for the SpringOXM wrapper since
> they expose the registerConverters method.
> I agree that the chain of events neccessary to run arbitrary code depends
> on many items of the JRE but it is the Reflection Converter the one that
> makes it possible in the end. So it is like XStream is opening that door
> by default and the way to close it is not immediate. Would it be possible
> to not register the reflection converters by default so only users that
> need them do it?

Unfortunately no. It's one of XStream's key features that you actually can 
marshal nearly any object graph out of the box. If we drop the 
ReflectionConverter as catch all, we'll break immediately ~99% of all 
existing projects using XStream.


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