Have had an opportunity to run this by Keith?

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Ah, this would be why I deferred to Keith. I apparently am not as knowledgable 
as I thought :)

I'll try to catch him in IRC tmrw and see if we can get you an answer. 
Otherwise, I'll have to go digging into code to try to figure out an answer.

Dickson, Matt MR wrote:
> In Zookeeper there don't appear to be any locks with the same txid that is 
> listed via Accumulo.  However under /accumulo/xxxxxxxx/table_locks/+default/ 
> there are the same number of files as orphaned locks labelled 
> 'lock-000000xx', are these the locks I can delete?
> I should note that while investigating this there were no other fate 
> transactions being listed by Accumulo for this table, +default, so the system 
> was in a stable state.
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> Hi Matt,
> What version of Accumulo are you using? Figuring out why those transactions 
> aren't automatically get removed is something else we would want to look into.
> It sounds like these transactions are just vestigial (not actually running), 
> so I wouldn't think that they would affect current bulk loads.
> I believe you could just stop the Master and remove the corresponding 
> nodes in ZooKeeper (as that's where the txns are stored and `fate 
> print` is reading from), but I would defer to Keith for confirmation 
> first :)
> Dickson, Matt MR wrote:
>> When running 'fate print -t IN_PROGRESS' to list fate transactions 
>> there are approximately eight orphaned locks listed as:
>> txid: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx locked: [R:+default] I'm looking into these 
>> because bulk ingests are failing and there are a lot of CopyFailed 
>> transactions in the fate lock list. Could these orphaned locks block 
>> further bulk ingests and is there a way to kill them?
>> When I run 'fate fail xxxxxxxx' it states there is no fate 
>> transaction associated with the transaction id.
>> Thanks advance,
>> Matt

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