On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 5:05 PM, Al Le wrote:

> But sometimes, after the sync, I see that dirs which do not exist on the
> share are not deleted on the local file system. Instead, just the files in
> the dirs are deleted.
> I still have not been able to track down when exactly it happens.
> it works as it should (i.e. the dir is deleted), but sometimes it does

Since you mentioned Windows, it is likely that the OS may still have a
"lock" on the directory, so any delete operation will fail.

Windows does not allow one to delete a file if there is a process that has
an open handle to it, and if a directory, an open handle to a file within
it. I believe there are race conditions within Windows on when a process
closes a handle and when Windows actually releases the handle. This could
be what is happening.  If you have AV software running, it could be a

Without examining the source of the sync task itself, unknown if operation
order can be modified to minimize the problem. I do not know if the sync
task checks if file deletions actually succeed. It is common for Java
programs to not check the return value of a delete operation (File#delete())
to verify it actually worked.


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