I would prefer maven as I am more familiar with it. If you choose gradle make sure you take some extra effort to explain how people do the build and also how to setup eclipse to work with the code.

In any case I propose to use a separate git repo for the new project from the start (Like Aries RSA). I would also rather not use the old parent in the main aries repo and rather build a parent like I did in the Aries RSA project. The parent there might be lacking some few features but it makes the whole project so much simpler.
See https://github.com/apache/aries-rsa
I also propose to do the OSGi configs in bnd.bnd files from the start.


On 11.10.2016 20:10, Raymond Auge wrote:
Hello everyone,

We're getting closer (slower than anticipated) to bootstrap Aries with the RFC-217 impl.

I'd like to ask about project structure. Currently we've got a gradle based build. Does Aries require the build to be maven?

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