+1 thanks Ricardo !!!!!

> On Apr 7, 2018, at 11:29 AM, Evans Ye <evan...@apache.org> wrote:
> Got it. we welcome any kind of contribution. If you find some packaging, 
> testing, or doc need to be improved, feel free to contribute :)
> Riccardo Murri <riccardo.mu...@uzh.ch>於 2018年4月7日 週六,下午4:10寫道:
>> Hello!
>> (Evans Ye, Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 04:17:27PM +0000:)
>> > Cool. I’m really happy to see people leveraging community works to build up
>> > its software  stack. It seems that you are using a bigtop packages only.
>> > Any reason you didn’t choose provisioner and puppet? Your feedback can help
>> > us polish the feature further.
>> Well, ElastiCluster was born to create HPC/batch-queuing clusters, and
>> for that we had already an existing infrastructure built around Ansible
>> and Python.  I found it simpler to just re-use the packages and the
>> tweak the example configs, than to provide another layer of glue to run
>> Puppet and the Bigtop Provisioner.  (Somebody more versed in Ruby and
>> Puppet might have made a different choice.)
>> Again, thanks for the excellent packaging, the testing, and the repos!
>> Already that part alone, even without the provisioner, is a terrific
>> help to set up a working Hadoop/Spark environment.
>> > BTW, although we welcome any bigtop related stuffs to be posted here. Using
>> > the announce tag is not appropriate. People May misunderstand that the
>> > message is sent by Bigtop PMC.
>> Sorry fot that!  I was looking for a way to tag the message as "news"
>> but I agree that the choice of the "[announce]" tag was misguided. My
>> apologies.
>> Kind regards,
>> Riccardo
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