On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 8:13 PM, Matt Su <matt...@morningstar.com> wrote:
> This thread make us raised a concern: we choose Cassandra because
> FB,Twitter,Digg are using them, and we’re doubting whether Cassandra is
> definitely trustable.

If cassandra is definitely trustable is something that you have to
find by yourself, not something that can be settled by the technical
(or not technicals, you will never know) decitions made at other

I'd say that while looking at what others are doing is a very
important part of the decition making process, but doing what others
are doing just because others are doing that, is a kind of herd

Before using cassandra (or any other open source) I would advice to
wonder "what if we have to fix bugs by ourselves?". You'll always have
the source code and, even in a extreme situation, you will be able to
support your infraestructure: the beauty of open source.


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