Hi all,

We've recently embarked on a project to update our Cassandra infrastructure
running on EC2. We are long time users of 2.0.x and are testing out a move
to version 2.2.5 running on VPC with EBS. Our test setup is a 3 node, RF=3
cluster supporting a small write load (mirror of our staging load).

We are writing at QUORUM and while p95's look good compared to our staging
2.0.x cluster, we are seeing frequent write operations that time out at the
max write_request_timeout_in_ms (10 seconds). CPU across the cluster is <
10% and EBS write load is < 100 IOPS. Cassandra is running with the Oracle
JDK 8u60 and we're using G1GC and any GC pauses are less than 500ms.

We run on c4.2xl instances with GP2 EBS attached storage for data and
commitlog directories. The nodes are using EC2 enhanced networking and have
the latest Intel network driver module. We are running on HVM instances
using Ubuntu 14.04.2.

Our schema is 5 tables, all with COMPACT STORAGE. Each table is similar to
the definition here: https://gist.github.com/mheffner/4d80f6b53ccaa24cc20a

This is our cassandra.yaml:

Like I mentioned we use 8u60 with G1GC and have used many of the GC
settings in Al Tobey's tuning guide. This is our upstart config with JVM
and other CPU settings:

We've used several of the sysctl settings from Al's guide as well:

Our client application is able to write using either Thrift batches using
Asytanax driver or CQL async INSERT's using the Datastax Java driver.

For testing against Thrift (our legacy infra uses this) we write batches of
anywhere from 6 to 1500 rows at a time. Our p99 for batch execution is
around 45ms but our maximum (p100) sits less than 150ms except when it
periodically spikes to the full 10seconds.

Testing the same write path using CQL writes instead demonstrates similar
behavior. Low p99s except for periodic full timeouts. We enabled tracing
for several operations but were unable to get a trace that completed
successfully -- Cassandra started logging many messages as:

INFO  [ScheduledTasks:1] - MessagingService.java:946 - _TRACE messages were
dropped in last 5000 ms: 52499 for internal timeout and 0 for cross node

And all the traces contained rows with a "null" source_elapsed row:

We've exhausted as many configuration option permutations that we can think
of. This cluster does not appear to be under any significant load and
latencies seem to largely fall in two bands: low normal or max timeout.
This seems to imply that something is getting stuck and timing out at the
max write timeout.

Any suggestions on what to look for? We had debug enabled for awhile but we
didn't see any msg that pointed to something obvious. Happy to provide any
more information that may help.

We are pretty much at the point of sprinkling debug around the code to
track down what could be blocking.




  Mike Heffner <m...@librato.com>
  Librato, Inc.

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