Is your replication_factor 2? Or is it 3?  What version are you using? 


The most likely answer is some individual partition that’s either being 
written/read more than others, or is somehow impacting the cluster (wide rows 
are a natural candidate).


You don’t mention your version, but most modern versions of Cassandra ship with 
‘nodetool toppartitions’, which will help you identify frequently written/read 
partitions – perhaps you can use that to identify a hotspot due to some 
external behavior (some partition being read thousands of times, over and over 
could certainly drive up load).


-          Jeff


From: Pranay akula <>
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Date: Monday, September 19, 2016 at 7:53 AM
To: "" <>
Subject: High load on few nodes in a DC.


when our cluster was under load  i am seeing  1 or 2 nodes are on more load 
consistently when compared to others in dc i am not seeing any GC pauses or 
wide partitions  is this can be those nodes are continuously serving as 
coordinators ?? how can  i find what is the reason for high load on those two 
nodes ?? We are using Vnode. 





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