Please advice. Cannot find any clear documentation on what is the best strategy 
for repairing nodes on a regular basis with multiple datacenters involved.

We are running cassandra 3.7 in multi datacenter with 4 nodes in each data 
center. We are trying to run repairs every other night to keep the nodes in 
good state.We currently run repair with -pr option , but the repair process 
gets hung and does not complete gracefully. Dont see any errors in the logs 

What is the best way to perform repairs on multiple data centers on large 

1. Can we run Datacenter repair using -dc option for each data center? Do we 
need to run repair on each node in that case or will it repair all nodes within 
the datacenter?

2. Is running repair with -pr across all nodes required , if we perform the 
step 1 every night?

3. Is cross data center repair required and if so whats the best option?



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