Hi Leena,

Do you have a firewall between the two DCs? If yes, "connection 
reset" can be caused by Cassandra trying to use a TCP connection which is 
already closed by the firewall. Please make sure that you set high connection 
timeout at firewall. Also, make sure your servers are not overloaded. Please 

for general causes of connection reset. Also, as I told earlier, Cassandra 
troubleshooting explains it well 
 . Make sure firewall and node tcp settings are in sync such that nodes close a 
tcp connection before firewall does that.

With firewall timeout, we generally see merkle tree request/response failing 
between nodes in two DCs and then repair is hung for ever. Not sure how merkle 
tree creation  which is node specific would get impacted by multi dc setup. Are 
repairs with -local options completing without problems?


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