Thanks for explanation Patrick, I think it helps the community to hear
direct from the horses mouth.

I also wanted to thank you, your team and Datastax for being the organising
force behind the Cassandra Summit for all these years. Politics aside it
has been an awesome place for the community to meet, bond and make some
great (and sometimes hazy) memories!

In terms of the future, I'm pretty positive there will be a place and
format for the Apache Cassandra community to meet in person in the new year
and the fact that Datastax would be an enthusiastic participant is

<3 The Instaclustr team

On Fri, 11 Aug 2017 at 17:27 Patrick McFadin <> wrote:

> Hello Cassandra Community,
> I know this is a hot topic so let me TL;DR for those of you looking for
> the short answer. Will there be a Cassandra Summit in 2017? DataStax will
> not be holding a Cassandra Summit in 2017, but instead multiple DataStax
> Summits in 2018.
> More details. Last year was pretty chaotic for the Cassandra community and
> where DataStax fit with the project. I don’t need to re-cap all the drama.
> You can go look at the dev and user lists around this time last year if you
> want to re-live it. It’s safe to say 2016 is a year I wouldn’t want to do
> again for a lot of reasons. Those of us at the Cassandra Summit 2016 knew
> it was the end of something, now the question is what’s next and what will
> it be?
> Having a place for people together and talk about what we as a community
> do is really important. Those of you that know me, know how much I live
> that. When we started talking summit inside DataStax, we realized it would
> be a hot button issue. When I started talking to people in the community,
> it was even more of a hot button issue. Having DataStax run the Cassandra
> Summit was going to cause a lot of heartache and would further divide the
> community with questions and accusations. It’s just much easier to hold a
> DataStax Summit so we are just out there plainly and move forward.
> What DataStax will be doing different.
> We will be moving back to a more regional format instead of the big bang
> single event in San Jose starting in 2018. Fun fact. Almost 80% of
> attendees of Cassandra Summit were from the Bay Area. That means we have
> developers and operators from a lot of other places being excluded which
> isn’t cool. We will also be inviting talks from the Cassandra Community.
> You don’t have to be a DataStax customer or partner to get on the speaking
> list.
> If there is some new group or company that launches a Cassandra Summit,
> DataStax will happily be a sponsor. There are some for-profit, professional
> conference companies like the Linux Foundation out there that just may and
> if so, I’ll see you there. After being involved in making the Cassandra
> Summit happen for years, I can say it’s no small effort.
> There it is. Fire away with your questions, comments. All I ask is keep it
> respectful because this is a community of amazing people. You have changed
> the world over these years and I know it won’t stop. You know I got a hug
> for you wherever we just happen to meet.
> Patrick
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