We have 3 nodes in cluster, we rebooted one of the cassandra VM, we noticed
nodetool status returning "UN" for itself and "DN" for other node, although
we observe gossip sync and ack messages being shared between these nodes.

*Issue in Detail*

*Nodes in cluster*
Node 2
Node 3

All above nodes formed cluster and nodetool status in all 3 machines were

We rebooted Node 1 and restarted cassandra on node1, then we ran nodetool
status and observed

Node 1 - UN
Node 2 - DN
Node 3 - DN

However when we run nodetool status on other 2 nodes (Node2, and Node 3)
they claim all 3 nodes are "UN"

We enabled "Trace" level and checked Gossip messages and noticed "SYN",
"ACK" and "ACK2" initiated and received messages in Node 1 for other 2
nodes, but still nodetool status marks other 2 nodes as down.

Please let us know how nodetool detects other nodes as "DOWN". Any help is
highly appreciated.


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