Hi All,
In order to evict tombstones, I issued full repair with the command "nodetool 
-pr -full". Then the data load size was indeed decreased by 100G for each node 
by using "nodetool status" to check. But the actual disk usage increased by 
500G for each node. The repair is still ongoing and leaving less and less disk 
space for me.

From compactionstats, I see "Anticompaction after repair". Based on my 
understanding, it is for incremental repair by changing sstable metadata to 
indicate which file is repaired, so in next repair it is not going to be 
repaired. But I'm doing full repair, Why Anticompaction?
9e09c490-f1be-11e7-b2ea-b3085f85ccae   Anticompaction after repair     cargts   
eventdata    147.3 GB   158.54 GB   bytes     92.91%

There are pare sstable files. I mean they have the same timestamp as below. I 
guess one of them or both of them should be deleted after during repair, but 
for some unknown reason, the repair process failed to delete them. 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 237G Dec 31 12:48 lb-123800-big-Data.db
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 243G Dec 31 12:48 lb-123801-big-Data.db

C* version is 2.2.8 with STCS. Any ideas?


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