We also noticed an increase of CPU - both system and user - on our c3.4xlarge 
fleet. So far it's really visible with max(%user) and especially max(%system), 
it has doubled!I graphed a ratio "write/s / %system", it's interesting to see 
how the value dropped yesterday, you can see it here: https://ibb.co/dnVcHG
For reference: 

    Le vendredi 5 janvier 2018 à 13:09:35 UTC+1, Steinmaurer, Thomas 
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has anybody already some experience/results if a patched Linux kernel regarding 
Meltdown/Spectre is affecting performance of Cassandra negatively?
In production, all nodes running in AWS with m4.xlarge, we see up to a 50% 
relative (e.g. AVG CPU from 40% => 60%) CPU increase since Jan 4, 2018, most 
likely correlating with Amazon finished patching the underlying Hypervisor 
infrastructure …
Anybody else seeing a similar CPU increase?
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