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> This is important, because if you would like to use it on 3.0, it will not
> work unless you make sure that auto_boostrap is *not* set to false.  This
> is not critical when creating DCs from scratch, but requires you to hop
> through quite some loops if you already have some data and you want to add
> a new DC.  Full details in this email thread:
> https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/396f2d20397c36b9cff88a0
> c2c5523154d420ece24a4dafc9fde3d1f@%3Cuser.cassandra.apache.org%3E

Hm, I remember from our experience on that thread that bootstrapping was
always from local DC only.  But now, out of curiosity, I've tried to add a
non-seed node to a new DC with auto_boostrap=true and I see that it started

Did this not happen to us in previous experiments because we started adding
the new DC by adding seed nodes first?  So then we add non-seeds with
auto_boostrap=true they didn't stream from remote DC because they believed
all replicas are already available in the local DC (but the seeds are
actually empty)?

Could someone please explain what are the rules for actual
boostrapping/streaming in the data?


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