I'm going to benchmark Cassandra's write throughput on a node with following 

CPU: 20 Cores

Memory: 128 GB (32 GB as Cassandra heap)

Disk: 3 seprate disk for OS, data and commitlog

Network: 10 Gb (test it with iperf)

Os: Ubuntu 16

Running Cassandra-stress:

cassandra-stress write n=1000000 -rate threads=1000 -mode native cql3 -node 

from two node with same spec as above, i can not get throughput more than 130 
Op/s. The clients are using less than 50% of CPU, Cassandra node uses:

60% of cpu

30% of memory

30-40% util in iostat of commitlog

300 Mb of network bandwidth

I suspect the network, cause no matter how many clients i run, cassandra always 
using less than 300 Mb. I've done all the tuning mentioned by datastax.

Increasing wmem_max and rmem_max did not help either.

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