Hi all,

We have a cluster running on Cassandra 3.7 (we already know this is
considered a "bad" version and plan to upgrade to 3.11 in the
not-too-distant future) and we have a few Nagios checks that run `nodetool
compactionstats` to check how many pending compactions there currently are,
as well as bytes remaining for compactions to see if they will push us past
our comfortable disk utilization threshold.

The check regularly fails with an exit code of 2, and then shortly after
will run successfully, resulting in a check that flaps.

When I am able to reproduce the issue, the output looks like this:

ubuntu@statistic-timelines-11:~$ nodetool compactionstats
error: null
-- StackTrace --

ubuntu@statistic-timelines-11:~$ echo $?

I've seen this issue <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CASSANDRA-13021>
for 3.0.11 that was fixed and seems slightly different since in this case,
something is swallowing the full stack trace.

So given all this I have a few questions:
- Has anyone seen this before and have an idea as to what might cause it?
- Is it possible that I have something misconfigured that's swallowing the
stack trace?
- Should I file an issue in the Cassandra JIRA for this?


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