In 2.2 it's cf_id from system.schema_columnfamilies. If it's not then
that's a bug. From 2.2 we stopped including table name in the SSTable name,
so whatever directory contains the SSTables is the active one. Conversely,
if you've dropped a table and re-added it, the directory without any
SSTables is the dropped table, and if you had auto_snapshot enabled it will
have a snapshots directory in there with a snapshot at the time of the drop.

On 27 April 2018 at 20:24, Carl Mueller <>

> IN cases where a table was dropped and re-added, there are now two table
> directories with different uuids with sstables.
> If you don't have knowledge of which one is active, how do you determine
> which is the active table directory? I have tried cf_id from
> system.schema_columnfamilies and that can work some of the time but have
> seen times cf_id != table-<uuid>
> I have also seen situations where sstables that don't have the
> table/columnfamily are in the table dir and are clearly that active
> sstables (they compacted when I did a nodetool compact)
> Is there a way to get a running cassandra node's sstables for a given
> keyspace/table and what table-<uuid> is active?
> This is in a 2.2.x environment that has probably churned a bit from 2.1.x

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