This usually happens when you’ve got weird timestamps or a delete in the future 
- check your clocks, make sure your timestamp resolution uses the same units in 
all applications (likely microseconds), make sure you’re running NTP everywhere

Jeff Jirsa

> On May 11, 2018, at 5:37 PM, <> 
> <> wrote:
> Dear community,
> Sometimes I’ve noticed that the changes done in the database, even when done 
> successfully are not reflected e.g. I added/deleted a row via cqlsh/Datastax 
> C++ driver, the command/API was successful, yet when I fetched the contents 
> of the table, the row that I had added/deleted, was missing/still present. 
> Has anybody, noticed something similar before?
> I’ve had this observation on the latest 3.11.2(earlier I had observed this on 
> 3.0.14). There were 2 nodes in my cluster, replication factor was 2 and 
> read/write consistency was also 2.
> Thanks and regards,
> Vishal Sharma
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