With more details on your criteria, it would be easier.

I used:

- SPM from Sematext (Commercial - dashboards out of the box)
- Datastax OpsCenter (Commercial, With DSE only nowadays)
- Grafana/Graphite or Prometheus (Open source - 'do it yourself' - but some
templates exist)
- Datadog (Commercial - dashboards out of the box)

It depends what you want really. All those worked for me at some point in
time :).

Note: We built the Dashboards that are out of the box for Datadog. I
believe it should put anyone starting with Cassandra in good conditions to
operate and troubleshot Apache Cassandra. My opinion here is biased most
definitely :). I liked the interfaces of Datadog (using regularly) and
Sematext (old experience) the most.

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2018-05-25 17:23 GMT+01:00 ANEESH KUMAR K.M <anee...@gmail.com>:

> Please suggest me some good cluster monitoring tool for cassandra multi
> region cluster.

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