Hi I'm using two directories on different disks as cassandra data storage, the 
small disk is 90% full and the bigger diskis 30% full (the bigger one was added 
later that we find out we need more storage!!), so i want to move all data to 
the big disk, one way is to stop my application and copy all sstables from 
small disk to big one, but it would take some hours and not acceptable due to 
QoS. I thought maybe i could copy the big sstables (the one that won't be 
compact in weeks) to the big disk (near casssandra data but not right there) 
while cassandra and my app are still running , then stop cassandra and my app, 
move big file to exact directory of cassandra data on big disk (would take a 
few seconds) and then move remained small sstables fromĀ  small disk to big one. 
Are there all of sstables related file immutable and (data, index, summary, 
...) would only be changed by compactions? Any better workaround for this 
scenario would be appriciated? Thanks in Advance Sent using Zoho Mail

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