Cassandra is an eventual consistent DB, how to find when a row is actually 
written in multi DC environment? Here is the problem I am trying to solve 
- I have multi DC (3 DC's) Cassandra cluster/ring - One of the application 
wrote a row to DC1(using Local Quorum)  and within span of 50 ms, it tried to 
read same row from DC2 and could not find the row. Our both DC's have sub milli 
second latency at network level, usually <2 ms. We promised 20 ms consistency. 
In this case Application could not find the row in DC2 in 50 ms
I tried to use "selectWRITETIME(authorizations_json) from token_authorizations 
where ...." to find  when the Row is written in each DC, but both DC's returned 
same Timestamp. After further research I found that Client V3 onwards Timestamp 
is supplied at Client level so WRITETIME does not help 
So how to determine when the row is actually written in each DC?
 Naidu Saladi 

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