Simon,Trace would be significant burden on the cluster and it has to be on all 
the time. I am trying to find a way to know when a row is written on demand 
basis, is there a way to determine that? Naidu Saladi 

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 Have you tried trace?
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On mån, 2018-07-09 at 19:30 +0000, Saladi Naidu wrote:
> Cassandra is an eventual consistent DB, how to find when a row is actually 
> written in multi DC environment? Here is the problem I am trying to solve 
> - I have multi DC (3 DC's) Cassandra cluster/ring - One of the application 
> wrote a row to DC1(using Local Quorum)  and within span of 50 ms, it tried to 
> read same row from DC2 and could not find the
> row. Our both DC's have sub milli second latency at network level, usually <2 
> ms. We promised 20 ms consistency. In this case Application could not find 
> the row in DC2 in 50 ms
> I tried to use "select WRITETIME(authorizations_json) from 
> token_authorizations where ...." to find  when the Row is written in each DC, 
> but both DC's returned same Timestamp. After further research
> I found that Client V3 onwards Timestamp is supplied at Client level so 
> WRITETIME does not help 
> "";
> So how to determine when the row is actually written in each DC?
> Naidu Saladi 


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