I’m using ResultBatchIterator like this:

Consumer<T> forEach = ...
try (ResultBatchIterator<T> iterator = query.batchIterator(context, batchSize)) 
                        for(List<T> batch : iterator) {
                                for (T c : batch) {

but I also want to do some processing, inserting rows, editing objects etc. I 
see lots of SQL in my logs, but the transaction doesn’t get committed until the 
batch iterator completes, whether I use context.commitChanges() or 
context.performGenericQuery() on some custom SQL created using SQLTemplate.

Is there a way of committing the transaction earlier, or should I use a peer 
object context? Is there an easy of getting a new peer editing context given a 
single object context or do I need to inject a ServerRuntime here?

Thank you,


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