Hello, I am trying to convert for custom data type.

Data type:

class Character {
  private String name;
  private String type;


  - name: Luke Skywalker
    type: Jedi
  - name: Jar Jar Binks
  - name: Darth Vader
    type: Sith


List<Character> characters = config.getList(Character.class, "characters");

Actually I found that it is not possible to do something like that easily,
then I change the YAML to this.

  - Luke Skywalker,Jedi
  - Jar Jar Binks,
  - Darth Vader,Sith

When I override DefaultConversionHandler's convertValue method, I
found that PropertyConverter is a final class with default scope. It means
I can't reuse this class.

I am just thinking should we make that class a public class or even we
should have something like Map<Class, Converter>, so that we don't need to
extend DefaultConversionHandler and just add a new Converter to it. How do
you think?

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