I work with Maggie, and had a follow up question about running multiple 
instances of couchdb using one binaries directory.  When setting up a cluster, 
I understand I need to set the identity of each node in vm.args.  I tried the 
following to have couchdb look in a different location for the vm.args file:

        export ERL_FLAGS="-couch_ini /myinstance1/default.ini 
/myinstance1/local.ini -args_file /myinstance1/vm.args"

However, the couchdb log shows the node identity as: nonode@nohost

Then I tried specifying -name in ERL_FLAGS:

        export ERL_FLAGS="-couch_ini /myinstance1/default.ini 
/myinstance1/local.ini -name myinstance1@hostname1.domain"

And I still get: nonode@nohost

Finally, I tried specifying -sname in ERL_FLAGS, and this seems to work, but 
gives a shortname:

        export ERL_FLAGS="-couch_ini /myinstance1/default.ini 
/myinstance1/local.ini -sname myinstance1"

And now I get: myinstance1@hostname1.  Is there any way I can either point 
couchdb at my instance's vm.args file, or I can specify the fully qualified 
-name option correctly?

Thanks for your help!

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Thanks Adam and Jan. We were able to have a few instances running with the 

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Thanks Jan, that was a bit cleaner than I realized. It’s a decent workaround. 
Important to note that every file you want to be consulted needs to be listed 
there — the couch_ini flag will override the default search space entirely.


> On Oct 6, 2016, at 11:48 AM, Jan Lehnardt <j...@apache.org> wrote:
> try
> export ERL_FLAGS=“-couch_ini /path/to/default.ini /path/to/local_one.ini”
> ./bin/couchdb
> Analogous with local_two.ini etc.
> Best
> Jan
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>> On 06 Oct 2016, at 17:41, maggie.ji...@tdameritrade.com wrote:
>> Hi Adam,
>> Thanks for replying! I need to point it to another location. We plan to have 
>> a few instances of CouchDB for different purposes on our dev servers and 
>> would like to use the same binaries to start it up (but pointing to 
>> different local.ini files on start up). Without the -a option, I'd have to 
>> build CouchDB 2.0 3 times (for example) in order to be able to start up 3 
>> instances of it on a dev server.
>> Maggie
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>> Hi Maggie,
>> You’re right, the “-a” switch is ignored in 2.0. That’s a miss on our part. 
>> I filed 
>> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__issues.apache.org_jira_browse_COUCHDB-2D3183&d=DQIFaQ&c=nulvIAQnC0yOOjC0e0NVa8TOcyq9jNhjZ156R-JJU10&r=NRwPGDrZo7L6ztGDn5UDKmqnTC5BQkZuuScVw4Hm9u4&m=CvGFCOSao1pTuD2kwqk7Wzhvz_0qdcdqfL_QjL_7E3o&s=LfHg4gH3qRk1Ve2f26b8_Pnj3TqhGxUo0O_duEaLikg&e=
>>  . You can still drop files in the local.d directory and they should take 
>> precedence over any files in default.* as well as local.ini.
>> There are other undocumented ways to customize the list of configuration 
>> files that are consulted using flags in the vm.args file (and probably using 
>> some environment variables as well),, but I wouldn’t really recommend going 
>> there. Does the local.d option work for you or do you need to point to 
>> another location?
>> Adam
>>> On Oct 5, 2016, at 10:20 AM, maggie.ji...@tdameritrade.com wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm looking to point to a different local.ini than the one located in the 
>>> CouchDB 2.0 etc folder. Is there a way to specify this when starting up 
>>> CouchDB or is there another way?  Looking at the docs, it seems like we 
>>> should still be using the "-a" option but after looking at the startup 
>>> scripts in the bin folder there is no code there to accept the "-a" switch 
>>> anymore.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Maggie
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