On Sun, 1 Jan 2017, at 14:36, Vishesh Mittal wrote:
> I am syncing all my databases from CouchDB 1.6 server to a CouchDB 2.0
> server.
> Most of the databases sync correctly. However, some of them are not
> syncing. The log file shows the following error. Any clue?
> Thank you so much
> [error] 2017-01-01T13:27:46.123435Z couchdb@localhost emulator --------
> Error in process <0.24284.71> on node couchdb@localhost with exit value:
> {{nocatch,{mp_parser_died,noproc}},[{couch_att,'-foldl/4-fun-0-',3,[{file,"src/couch_att.erl"},{line,591}]},{couch_att,fold_streamed_data,4,[{file,"src/couch_att.erl"},{line,642}]},{couch_att,foldl,4,[{file,"src/couch_att.erl"},{line,595}]},{couch_httpd_multipart,atts_to_mp,4,[{file,"src/couch_httpd_multipart.erl"},{line,208}]}]}

IIRC Nick came across something like this a few years ago, maybe he can
shed some light on it.


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