I was running the same question by everyone a while back. From what we 
understand so far it seems that this may go away once you build and load your 
own dictionary vs using the default you mentioned. But we' haven't tested that 
yet. Lincoln

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Leveraging cTAKES without a UMLS Credential Check

Hi All,

Is it possible to avoid the UMLS credential check each time cTAKES is run? It 
seems like cTAKES would be configurable in such a way to use UMLS credentials 
to acquire the sno_rx_16abterms dictionary once, and then not need to check 
against UMLS in future runs.

In particular, I am thinking for instances where cTAKES is being run either 
offline or in a highly parallel fashion and there is a chance UMLS could be 
bombarded with credential checks. If there is documentation on how to configure 
such a setup, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me to it.



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