I followed the this link
<https://drill.apache.org/docs/using-jdbc-with-squirrel-on-windows/> to
connect to drill in JDBC mode .

*Have installed drill 1.11 on windows 10 in embedded mode .*

Configurations which I used :

*JDBC Driver* :

JDBC URL options which I tried :

*Option1 :* jdbc:drill:zk=localhost:2181/drill/drillbits1
*Option 2* :   jdbc:drill:zk=localhost:2181
*Option 3 *: jdbc:drill:zk=<hostname>:2181

I am getting below error with all the  the options

Unexpected Error occurred attempting to open an SQL connection.
class java.io.IOException: Failure to connect to the zookeeper cluster
service within the allotted time of 10000 milliseconds

Appreciate the help .

Thanks ,

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