FLINK-7368 may be the reason for this behavior.

On 31.07.2017 03:54, XiangWei Huang wrote:
1. yes and yes.
2. Yes,it was shown correctly.
3.I wasn’t modify this setting.

在 2017年7月26日,18:06,Chesnay Schepler [via Apache Flink User Mailing List archive.] <[hidden email] </user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=14539&i=0>> 写道:

So this/only/happens when you select a metric? Without a selected metric everything works fine?

Are the metrics you selected shown correctly?

Did you modify the "jobmanager.web.refresh-interval" setting? (maybe check the flink-conf-yaml for the current setting)

On 26.07.2017 04:57, XiangWei Huang wrote:

The browser i am using is Google Chrome  with version 59.0.3071.115 and the 
issue persists when i tried Firefox.

在 2017年7月25日,17:48,Chesnay Schepler <a href="x-msg://6/user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&amp;node=14463&amp;i=0" 
target="_top" rel="nofollow" link="external" class="">[hidden email] 写道:


Could you tell us which browser you are using, including the version?
(and maybe try out if the issue persists with a different one)


On 25.07.2017 05:20, XiangWei Huang wrote:

Sorry for replying so late.
I have met this issue again and the list is constantly keep growing even if
i close the page ,until the website is been unavailable.

This issue appeared each time i add  metrics for a job from web ui.

by the way ,the version of Flink is 1.3.1


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