I'm relatively new to Flink, so apologies in advance if this is a simple

I have seen several mentions of an "upsert mode" for dynamic tables based
on a unique key in the Flink documentation and on the official Flink blog.
However, I do not see any examples / documentation regarding how to enable
this mode on a dynamic table.


"When defining a dynamic table on a stream via update mode, we can specify
a unique key attribute on the table. In that case, update and delete
operations are performed with respect to the key attribute. The update mode
is visualized in the following figure." (https://flink.apache.org/

"A dynamic table that is converted into an upsert stream requires a
(possibly composite) unique key." (https://ci.apache.org/

So my questions are:

How do I specify a unique key attribute on a dynamic table in Flink?
How do I place a dynamic table in update/upsert/"replace" mode, as opposed
to append mode?

Posted in StackOverflow as well: https://stackoverflow.

Thanks in advance.

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