As of now flink doesnt support this feature few days i came across the same

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> I'm relatively new to Flink, so apologies in advance if this is a simple
> question.
> I have seen several mentions of an "upsert mode" for dynamic tables based
> on a unique key in the Flink documentation and on the official Flink blog.
> However, I do not see any examples / documentation regarding how to enable
> this mode on a dynamic table.
> Examples:
> "When defining a dynamic table on a stream via update mode, we can specify
> a unique key attribute on the table. In that case, update and delete
> operations are performed with respect to the key attribute. The update mode
> is visualized in the following figure." (
> /2017/04/04/dynamic-tables.html)
> "A dynamic table that is converted into an upsert stream requires a
> (possibly composite) unique key." (
> s/flink/flink-docs-release-1.4/dev/table/streaming.html)
> So my questions are:
> How do I specify a unique key attribute on a dynamic table in Flink?
> How do I place a dynamic table in update/upsert/"replace" mode, as opposed
> to append mode?
> Posted in StackOverflow as well:
> m/questions/48554999/apache-flink-how-to-enable-upsert-mode-
> for-dynamic-tables
> Thanks in advance.

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