Hi there,
We have been working on a project with the title "Optimizing Multiple
Aggregate Queries over a Complex Event Processing Engine". The aim is to
optimize a group of queries. Take such as* "how many cars passed the post
in the past 1 minute" *and* "how many cars passed the post in the past 2
minutes"* are 2 queries, and the naive and inefficient method to answer
both the queries is to independently solve both of these queries one by one
and find the answer. However, the optimum way would be to minimize the
computation by using the answer given by query 1 and using it in query 2.
This is basically what our aim is, to minimize computation cost when we
have multiple aggregate queries in a CEP.

We have been searching for some platform which supports CEP, and Flink is
probably one of them. Hence, it would be very helpful if we could get some
answers to the following questions:

1. Does flink already have some method of optimizing multiple aggregate
2. Is it possible for us to implement / test such an algorithm in flink
which considers multiple queries in a CEP, like having a database of SQL
queries and testing an algorithm of our choice?

Any other inputs which may help us with solving the problem would be highly

Thanks a lot.
Sahil Arora
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