I have lot of difficulties to deploy Flink. That is maybe because I am new with 
Flink and its (Java and Maven) development environment, but I would hear the 
opinions of others. I would like to use Scala.

There are many examples, but often there are missing "imports" and settings in 
pom.xml. It seem to be very hard to job to find correct ones. Maybe use of IDE 
(IntelliJ IDEA) is almost mandatory and it helps to find "imports", but it does 
not find all of them.

Generally you have to do and study a lot of basic work before you get into the 
actual thing ?

If there is a ready example (with source code) that is enough close to what you 
want, it is much easier to deploy. But if not, it can be a surprisingly 
difficult and time-consuming task. Because the documentation seem to be 
partially incomplete, it is often necessary to "google" and query the mailing 

Or have I misunderstand something or I can not use Flink correctly (yet) ?

Features of Flink are so good that I would want to learn to use it.

Best Regards

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