Hi Yesheng,
`nohup /bin/bash -l bin/jobmanager.sh start cluster ...` looks a bit
strange since it should (imho) be an absolute path towards flink.

What you could do to diagnose further, is to try to run the ssh command
manually, i.e. figure out what is being executed by calling
bash -x ./bin/start-cluster.sh
and then run the ssh command without "-n" and not in background "&".
Then you should also see the JobManager stdout to diagnose further.

If that does not help yet, please log into the master manually and
execute the "nohup /bin/bash..." command there to see what is going on.

Depending on where the failure was, there may even be logs on the master


On 04/03/18 15:52, Yesheng Ma wrote:
> Hi all,
> ​​When I execute bin/start-cluster.sh on the master machine, actually
> the command `nohup /bin/bash -l bin/jobmanager.sh start cluster ...` is
> exexuted, which does not open the job manager properly.
> I think there might be something wrong with the `-l` argument, since
> when I use the `bin/jobmanager.sh start` command, everything is fine.
> Kindly point out if I've done any configuration wrong. Thanks!
> Best,
> Yesheng

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