Hi Nico,

Thanks for your reply. My major concern is actually the `-l` argument.
The command I executed is: `nohup /bin/bash -x -l
"/state/partition1/ysma/flink-1.4.1/bin/jobmanager.sh" start cluster
dell-01.epcc 8091`, with and without the `-l` argument (the script in
Flink's bin directory uses the `-l` argument).

1) with the `-l` argument: the log is quite messy, but there are some clue,
the last executed command starts a zsh shell:
+ . /home/ysma/.bashrc
++ case $- in
++ return
+ '[' -f /bin/zsh ']'
+ exec /bin/zsh -l
I guess the bash -l arguments detects the user's login shell and then logs
in a zsh shell (which I'm currently using) and never back.

2) without the `-l` argument, everything just goes fine.

Therefore I suspect there might be something wrong with the `-l` argument,
or something wrong with my bash config?  Any ideas? Thanks!

On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 12:20 AM, Nico Kruber <n...@data-artisans.com> wrote:

> Hi Yesheng,
> `nohup /bin/bash -l bin/jobmanager.sh start cluster ...` looks a bit
> strange since it should (imho) be an absolute path towards flink.
> What you could do to diagnose further, is to try to run the ssh command
> manually, i.e. figure out what is being executed by calling
> bash -x ./bin/start-cluster.sh
> and then run the ssh command without "-n" and not in background "&".
> Then you should also see the JobManager stdout to diagnose further.
> If that does not help yet, please log into the master manually and
> execute the "nohup /bin/bash..." command there to see what is going on.
> Depending on where the failure was, there may even be logs on the master
> machine.
> Nico
> On 04/03/18 15:52, Yesheng Ma wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > ​​When I execute bin/start-cluster.sh on the master machine, actually
> > the command `nohup /bin/bash -l bin/jobmanager.sh start cluster ...` is
> > exexuted, which does not open the job manager properly.
> >
> > I think there might be something wrong with the `-l` argument, since
> > when I use the `bin/jobmanager.sh start` command, everything is fine.
> > Kindly point out if I've done any configuration wrong. Thanks!
> >
> > Best,
> > Yesheng
> >
> >

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