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On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 11:30 AM Akshay Aggarwal <> wrote:

> Thanks Aljoscha. Is there a JIRA where this is getting tracked?
> ~Akshay
> On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 1:56 PM Aljoscha Krettek <>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm afraid your analysis is 100% correct. Currently there's no
>> out-of-box feature for dealing with this but our work on a new source
>> interface ([1]) will enable us to add a feature that we call "event-time
>> alignment" where source readers would slow down reading from certain
>> source partitions if their watermark advances to far beyond the minimum
>> watermark over all source partitions.
>> Best,
>> Aljoscha
>> On 07.02.20 13:36, Akshay Aggarwal wrote:
>> > Hi Flink Users,
>> >
>> > We have a scenario where we're reading from multiple kafka topics using
>> a
>> > single kafka consumer. Each topic has a very different ingestion rate,
>> like
>> > CheckoutTopic has 500 rec/sec, PageViewTopic has 10,000 rec/sec. We are
>> > performing ordering of these events across topics using a keyed process
>> > function (keyed on userId) and a EVENT_TIME watermark which is based on
>> the
>> > ingestionTs of the record captured just before it is produced into
>> kafka.
>> >
>> > On live data this pipeline works perfectly, but if I restart the job to
>> > process from an old savepoint (say 24hrs old), the job fills up the
>> state,
>> > a full back pressure (ratio 1) gets created on the source operators,
>> > checkpoints start failing and the job eventually dies. My hypothesis is
>> > that the data from both the topics are read at the max rate possible,
>> but
>> > since the watermark from the PageViewTopic will lag significantly behind
>> > the CheckoutTopic overall watermarks don't progress, excessive data
>> > from CheckoutTopic fills up the state and results in the failure
>> mentioned
>> > above.
>> >
>> > I also observed this while backfilling from a savepoint using a single
>> > topic, even though watermarks do progress faster than before, the job
>> has
>> > the same fate. In this case I'm assuming the offsets/watermarks of the
>> > individual partitions go out-of-sync with respect to time leading to a
>> > similar situation mentioned above.
>> >
>> > Is this understanding correct? is there a known solution for this? And
>> if
>> > not, what is the suggested approach to tackle this problem?
>> >
>> > Thanks & Regards,
>> > Akshay Aggarwal
>> >
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