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The Travel Assistance Committee is now taking in applications for those
wanting to attend ApacheCon North America (NA) 2010, which is taking place
between the 1st and 5th November in Atlanta.

The Travel Assistance Committee is looking for people who would like to be
able to attend ApacheCon, but who need some financial support in order to be
able to get there. There are limited places available, and all applications
will be scored on their individual merit.

Financial assistance is available to cover travel to the event, either in
part or in full, depending on circumstances. However, the support available
for those attending only the barcamp is smaller than that for people
attending the whole event. The Travel Assistance Committee aims to support
all ApacheCons, and cross-project events, and so it may be prudent for those
in Asia and the EU to wait for an event closer to them.

More information can be found on the main Apache website at - where you will also find a link to
the online application and details for submitting.

Applications for applying for travel assistance are now being accepted, and
will close on the 7th July 2010.

Good luck to all those that will apply.

You are welcome to tweet, blog as appropriate.


The Travel Assistance Committee.